About J2S Group Healthforce

J2S Group-HealthForce
 has operated successfully in the health care field since 1997. We are a leading provider of LPNs, CNAs, and Direct Care Workers for long and short-term needs.  At J2S Group-HealthForce, we are unrivaled for our innovative health care staffing solutions. We understand the importance of a knowledgeable staff and have the proven expertise to accommodate changes with the appropriate degree of urgency.

Our CENAs and LPNs are specially trained to provide exceptional service. We Trust in our professionals to work closely with your team to ensure unequaled continuity of care. We manage the personnel side for you, so you can focus on delivering quality health care.

As health care management experts, we:

  • Pre-screen candidates and validate medical credentials
  • Interview and recruit high-performing employees
  • Conduct criminal background checks and drug screens
  • Provide comprehensive orientation programs
  • Schedule, train, and manage personnel
  • Hold weekly meetings to monitor performance
  • Handle payroll and benefits
  • Provide continuous education to maintain staff certifications
  • Evaluate, counsel, discipline and terminate individuals

Selection and Training

We go to great lengths to select and retain top-notch professionals. We pre-screen individuals by validating their credentials and assessing their capabilities. In addition, candidates must undergo an extensive criminal background check and drug screens.

Only those individuals with the right attitude, aptitude and professional demeanor are chosen to join the J2S Group-HealthForce team. Employees are custom-trained in the J2S Group-HealthForce standard of excellence to suit your facilities. Before they work on your site, they must complete comprehensive orientation sessions and a walk-through of your facility. New employees are tested on every possible aspect of their position, from what to do in case of a fire drill to professional grooming standards. In addition, they are taken under the wing of a seasoned HealthForce CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) mentor.

As a result of our extensive training and preparation process, you can count on employees to immediately contribute to, as well as complement, your current staff.

Time and Cost-savings

J2S Group-HealthForce can eliminate up to 60 percent of your administrative workload. Our on-site managers handle staff issues for you-from disciplinary actions and counseling to scheduling, file and personnel management-so you can concentrate on delivering quality health care.

We reduce the hassle of time-consuming paperwork involved in hiring and retaining a premium staff. We also provide on-the-job training and on-going education to ensure our employees maintain their certifications. We share the liability of employment with our clients and save you up to 20 percent in salary and benefits.


J2S Group-HealthForce offers a well-developed transition plan for certain employees that you wish to hire permanently. Our professionals will guide you through the transition process.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you never have to worry about staff replacement again. By partnering with J2S Group-HealthForce, you maintain a top-notch healthcare staff with ease.

We are hiring right now so contact us.